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Brocoin is a peer to peer payment system, the future of a payment system world wide without the need of central authority. A decentralised network by public, for public. Anybody can use our network for transactions from anywhere in the world. Using blockchain cryptocurrency is not a crime or an illegal act by any manner. Let me give you an insight as to why most of the people find it to be unlawful as this technology is fundamentally challenging the double standard financial system created by the banks and financial institutions. This technology is designed in order to replace the cycle of banking system. By using cryptocurrency, you as a user can store your money on your respective devices or on the hard drive of your computer. Your computer works as a node in the network which allows you to hold or send and receive money without any boundaries.

Why banks are against Cryptocurrency ?

Blockchain based cryptocurrency is a real threat to banking system and their fabricated transaction system. Imagine if everybody starts using cryptocurrency we might never feel the need for banks to exist as we will be able to keep our money safe with us. Financial institution like banks will then have no monopoly, they won’t have control over our hard earned money. Did you ever think, why do we even need banks?

I mean for instance, did you know that in Saudi Arabia a woman can’t open her own bank account ?

That means we don’t really need banks but the banks desperately need us to run and grow their business with the use of our money by having full control and access over it.

Another example is Indonesia, wherein the instability of the rupee (the official currency of Indonesia) makes it impossible for the people to maintain and grow their business.

But what if there was a currency they all had access to, a currency they could call their own, a currency with no borders, free of government decree with no threat of confiscation, then the scenario might turn out to be very different. Did you know 50% of world population, that’s three and a half billion people, do not have access to even open a bank account. But ironically mostly all of them at present might have cell phones which depicts the power of internet. So hereby we present you a better and a safer option, the Brocoin, Symbol of Brotherhood.

It predicts, it adjusts and adapts to foreign markets and political shifts in order to remain stable. Here is what folks are always saying that money corrupts people, But what everyone fails to recognize is that people corrupt money. The Cryptocurrency Like Brocoin, Bitcoin,Litecoin can put an end to that. They offers more stability, security and anonymity than any digital currency out there.

The Brocoin is the Symbol of freedom, a free world, a true meaning of freedom keeping your finances with you, keeping your money with you.

Brocoin Specifications

Brocoin conceived in the month of June 2021 with an Idea of decentralised Payment system”

based on ASCII protocol.

Technical Specification

Algorithm: scrypt

Blocktime: 1 minutes

Block Reward: 100 BRON 

Subsidy halves every two years.

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  1. Soumik Kundu Author July 1, 2021

    I downloaded the windows application and synced my computer. How can I mine BRON? Please let me know.

    • UAaOSoiuVr Author July 1, 2021

      You can Use CPUMINER on linux or You can also mine using GUI wallet as well.

      Steps :

      Open Debug windows and Then Console check command using Help.

      To mine you require adequate amount of Computation check our explorer for network hash:

      here is the command : generate””


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